Wood floors refinishing Westchester NY

Innovative flooring is a good-vibe home upgrading project that makes your whole house feel superior. And if you’re thinking of getting assistance from a certified floor installation and refinishing company, FLOORS BY LIWAYA LLC are there to serve you. Save yourself some money by hiring our professionals who know exactly how and what type of flooring will look good with your home interior and exterior. Hardwood flooring is beautiful, warm, long-lasting flooring goes with any décor. It has a vibrant look and is naturally resilient, so it feels good underfoot.
Solid wood flooring can be refinished multiple times. This type of flooring is best for
• Main living areas
• Hallways
• Kitchens
We offer eco-friendly wood flooring options. Although wood is a natural product, for it to be an environmental-friendly choice it is essential to check that it is either reclaimed, sustainably sourced, or even made from recycled lumber materials. Environmental friendly substitutes to conventional wood flooring, such as bamboo, are increasingly viable.