Floor refinishing Port Chester NY

Picking new flooring can be daunting task. There are a huge variety of materials to choose from and each type has an array of choices to go along with it. Similarly, depending on the room and the flow of traffic, there is a diversity of considerations to think about. Cheers to hardwood's warm, natural feel and durability, it continues to be the flooring of choice for many homeowners. Of the hardwoods, oak remains the most popular choice, but other woods like cherry and imported exotic woods such as Brazilian cherry or Tasmanian oak are definitely worth considering. Hardwood floors come in a variety of styles such as plank, parquet and prefinished boards that FLOORS BY LIWAYA LLC  can install and refinish for you. 
Wood's calling card is its beauty and warmth, and it's surprisingly durable, since scratches can generally be buffed out.
FLOORS BY LIWAYA LLC is proud to be a locally owned and operated business that serves the local community. With 25 years of experience and unmatched expertise, we can help with any and all of your wood floor installation and refinishing needs.